Diamond Guide

Buying a diamond is a very personal experience. Diamonds can be bought to signify love, significant accomplishments, milestones in your life or that of a gift's recipient. Unlike when you buy clothing, electronics, or cars, the features of a diamond may not seem quite so obvious to you. We would like to change that. The more you know about your diamond jewellery, the more confident you will feel when making your diamond jewellery choices. Take a moment to learn more about the 4Cs and find out how they play a an important role in making your diamond jewellery unique.


Diamond Carat

Carat refers to the unit of measurement which is used to weigh diamonds. Often, this is the most obvious visual element when we compare diamonds.


Diamond Shape

The shape of a diamond is its geometric outline. What’s the difference between a fancy shape and a round? Find out which shapes potentially favour your unique style best.


Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the natural imperfections and tiny inclusions which may be visible in a diamond. Diamonds with none, or only a small amount of these, are judged to be the most rare and valuable.


Diamond Colour

Colour describes a diamond's natural colour or absence of  visible internal colour, in relation to the GIA grading scale. At Sunshine Diamonds, our diamonds are selected exclusively from the "colourless" and "near colourless" categories. The more "colourless" the diamond, the more rare and valuable it is.


Diamond Cut

Cut describes a diamond's reflective qualities, as well as its symmetry and facets. A diamond's cut directly relates to its radiance and charm.


Diamond Certificate

At Sunshine Diamonds, the quality of all of our diamonds is verified independently. Grading reports and diamond certificates, available for every diamond, provide expert assessments from an independent laboratory. Gemologists, using special equipment, calculate the dimensions and weights of diamonds and determine the quality characteristics of cut, colour and clarity.

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