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Kiara Fancy Style Side Stone Engagement Ring
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Side Stone Diamond Rings

An engagement or wedding ring with sidestones has a main stone or stone that is flanked by smaller stones or stones that are put into the band of the ring. The term "sidestone" refers to these lesser diamonds, which are frequently arranged in a row on either side of the central stone to give the piece a glittering and exquisite appearance. The sidestones can be placed in a variety of shapes and designs, such as round, princess, or baguette, and they can give the ring more shine and radiance. For those seeking a band with a little bit more complexity and aesthetic intrigue than a straightforward solitaire ring, sidestone diamond rings are a popular option.

Choosing a Diamond side stone ring

A few key considerations should be made while choosing a side stone diamond ring:
Diamond quality: In terms of colour, clarity, and cut, the side stones' quality should be equal to or superior to that of the centre diamond.
Setting design: The ring's overall appearance may be impacted by the setting design. A bezel setting will offer better protection, yet a prong setting will highlight the diamonds more dramatically.
Metal type: The wearer's choice and skin tone should be taken into consideration. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are all common options.
Size and shape: The side stones' dimensions should match those of the centre diamond and the size of the wearer's finger. Round, pear, and princess-cut side stones are common designs.

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