1.00 Carat Natural Diamonds With Pearl Ring
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Pearls are precious stones that develop inside the soft tissue of mollusks like mussels and oysters. They develop when a parasite or a piece of sand gets stuck within a mollusc and irritates the delicate tissue there, causing it to swell. The mollusk reacts by secreting layers of nacre material around the irritant, creating a pearl.

White, black, pink, and golden are just a few of the many colours that pearls come in, and they can be either natural or cultured. While cultured pearls are produced by a process in which a little bit of tissue from one snail is placed into another mollusk to induce the production of a pearl, natural pearls are uncommon and highly prized.

Since ancient times, people have appreciated pearls for their beauty, and they are frequently thought to be elegant and sophisticated. They are frequently used in ornamental goods like buttons and clasps as well as jewellery like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Pearls are revered as a representation of riches, wisdom, and purity in numerous cultures.

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