Trilogy Engagement Rings

A trilogy ring always features three stones in any size or configuration. From identical sizes and cuts set side by side, to a trio of different stones in an asymmetric design, our trilogy rings feature a range of gorgeous styles.One of the most popular styles of trilogy engagement rings is the round brilliant cut. This classic cut features a round central stone and two round side stones, and is known for its sparkle and brilliance. This is perfectly demonstrated by Princess Anne’s world famous engagement ring, which combined a brilliant central sapphire with two beautiful diamonds. This style is a popular choice for those who want a traditional and timeless look. Another reason why trilogy engagement rings are a brilliant choice is their ability to showcase the central stone. The two side stones draw attention to the central stone, making it the centrepiece of the ring. This can be particularly appealing if the central stone is particularly large or you have chosen a rare gemstone you want to highlight.


Gabriela Heart Shaped Engagement Ring
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Jinal 4 Claw Tapered Shoulder Engagement Ring
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Jiana  Row Double Claw  Diamond  Engagement Ring
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Lincy Classic 3 Stone 4 Claw Engagement Ring
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Jiya 4 Claw Designer Diamond  Engagement Ring
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Juhi 4 Claw Tapered Shoulder Engagement Ring
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Lindsey Oval Cut Classic Engagement Ring
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Trilogy Engagement Rings

A particular style of trilogy engagement ring uses three diamonds as the focal points: the diamond trio. Usually, the three diamonds are arranged in a row on the ring's band, with the centre stone being a little larger than the side stones.

Although the diamonds on a diamond trio engagement ring can be any size or shape, they are usually all the same kind of jewel. Also, they can be set in various ways, such as prong or bezel settings, to produce a distinctive and customised aesthetic.

Diamond trilogy engagement rings can be made in a range of styles, from straightforward and traditional to elaborate and baroque. To give the ring more glitter and beauty, some designs place tiny diamonds on the band or all around the larger ones.

A diamond trilogy engagement ring is unique in that it combines diamonds' everlasting beauty and sparkle with a symbolic representation of a couple's relationship's history, present, and future. It is a special and heartfelt option for an engagement ring that will be treasured forever.

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