About Us

Sunshine Diamond is an established company, manufacturing fine diamond jewellery, engagement rings, diamond rings, earrings, and pendants. With 15 years of industry experience, we have finally ventured in the online space. 

Our extensive product range, outstanding quality and remarkable customer satisfaction and our team’s passion for creating the finest quality jewellery, while offering impeccable customer care, have made us the diamond in the rough. Our ever-growing client base is a testimony to this fact.

Diamonds are a luxurious and a special gift beloved by people around the world. They are a sign of wealth and opulence and are celebrated as a symbol of love, gratitude, and everlasting companionship. We, at Sunshine Diamonds, are driven by genuine passion and expertise to ensure that we deliver exquisitely finished products.

We deliver the finest diamonds which are ethically sourced and exquisitely crafted. Our workshops have state of the art equipment and follow the most advanced processes. We use CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) technology to design and make beautiful, high standard jewellery. 

We could create the best jewellery in the world, but without happy customers, all our effort is futile. That is why we focus our attention on delivering an enhanced customer experience. From our exhaustive range of products to bespoke services and our delivery and return policy, our only goal is to have delighted customers who give us repeat business and recommend our products and services to their friends and families. However, the greatest joy we get is from knowing that somewhere and somehow, we have made a loved one’s moment special.

Emotions are the backbone of every decision we make as human beings. Our story began with an emotion of creating a foundation of sharing those feelings with the rest of the world and at the same time invigorating a sense of emotional exhibition. We have always kept a firm stance since the start of our journey, that a bit of us resides in every transactional occurrence. Commitment is our foremost emotion that we make sure is included with every experience you share with us.

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