Amethyst February Birthstone Guide

Posted bySunshine Diamond |14 June 2024


Amethyst, a gemstone captivating with its mesmerising shades of violet and purple, adorns the crown of February's birthstone. But its significance extends far beyond birthdays. Amethyst boasts a rich history, captivating lore, and a depth of symbolism that has resonated with cultures across the globe for millennia. Let's dive into the world of amethyst, exploring its meaning, properties, and why it remains a captivating choice for jewellery.


Here are some unique and interesting facts about amethyst, imbued with the majesty of times past:

  • A Regal Verwandt: Amethyst isn't just a beautiful stone; it's a regal relative. It's a variety of quartz, the second most abundant mineral on Earth, yet unlike its common cousin used in construction, amethyst has adorned royalty and graced jewellery for millennia.
  • Impure Allure: The very characteristic that makes amethyst so captivating - is its mesmerising violet hues - which is a result of a beautiful imperfection. Trace amounts of iron, substituting for silicon in the crystal lattice, infuse the stone with its chromatic splendour. The variations in colour intensity, from light lavender to a deep, regal purple, further elevate its allure.
  • Mythological Mates: Legends have long intertwined amethyst with tales of temperance and clear thinking. The ancient Greeks believed it possessed the power to ward off intoxication, reflected in its very name - "amethystos" translates to "not intoxicated." This association made it a popular adornment for those seeking clear-headedness and intellectual pursuits.
  • Solar Alchemy: Amethyst possesses a hidden talent - the ability to transform. When subjected to intense heat, its purple hues can metamorphose into a vibrant yellow or orange, creating the gemstone citrine. Interestingly, most commercially available citrine is actually heat-treated amethyst, highlighting the fascinating mutability of this stone.
  • A Bishop's Stone and a Saint's Talisman: Amethyst's historical significance extends to the realm of spirituality. It's known as the "Bishop's Stone," traditionally incorporated into their rings as a symbol of spiritual authority. Additionally, legend suggests that St. Valentine himself wore an amethyst ring engraved with Cupid's likeness, further solidifying the stone's connection with matters of the heart.
    • These are just a few glimpses into the captivating world of amethyst. From its historical significance to its geological wonder, this gemstone offers a unique blend of beauty, myth, and scientific intrigue.


      The Symbolism and Significance of Amethyst:

      Amethyst transcends mere adornment; it embodies a range of powerful associations:

      • Tranquillity and Peace: The calming purple hues of amethyst have long been associated with inner peace, serenity, and emotional balance. It was believed to soothe anxieties, dispel negativity, and promote clarity of thought.
      • Love and Fidelity: Amethyst's symbolism extends to love, representing deep affection, devotion, and a commitment to truth within relationships.
      • Protection and Power: In ancient times, amethyst was considered a talisman of protection, warding off evil and guarding against intoxication. It was also associated with royalty and power, often adorning the crowns and jewellery of nobility.
      • Stimulating Creativity and Intuition: The vibrant hues of amethyst are said to inspire creativity and imagination, while its calming energy fosters intuition and spiritual connection.
        • What Does an Amethyst Birthstone Say About You?

          If you were born in February, your birthstone, amethyst, is said to reflect qualities like:

          • Inner Strength: The resilience of the amethyst crystal resonates with inner strength and the ability to navigate challenges with composure.
          • Creativity and Innovation: The stimulating energy of amethyst is said to fuel creative pursuits and inspire new ideas.
          • Wisdom and Intuition: The calming influence of amethyst can enhance intuition and foster a deeper connection to one's inner wisdom.

          Amethyst for Aquarius

          Amethyst is the primary birthstone for Aquarius (January 20 - February 18). The stone's association with innovation, clarity of thought, and humanitarian ideals aligns perfectly with the Aquarian spirit. It is believed to balance the Aquarian's progressive nature with a touch of tranquillity.

          How to Tell if an Amethyst is Real

          Here are some tips for identifying a genuine amethyst:

          • Colour: Natural amethyst exhibits a range of violet and purple hues, often with a subtle blend of red or blue. Beware of overly saturated or uniform colours, which might indicate artificial treatment.
          • Clarity: Natural amethysts often have inclusions, and tiny internal flaws visible to the naked eye. Flawless stones might be synthetic.
          • Cut: Amethysts can be cut in various styles, but a well-cut stone will showcase its brilliance and colour depth effectively.
          • Price: Compared to other precious stones, amethyst is generally more affordable. A suspiciously low price might indicate a fake stone.
          • Purchase from a reputable jeweller: They can provide certificates of authenticity and ensure the quality of the gemstone.

          Choosing and Caring for Amethyst Jewellery:

          When selecting amethyst jewellery, consider the following:

          • Colour preference: From light lavender to deep plum, choose a shade that resonates with your taste.
          • Metal type: Amethyst complements various metals, from cool tones like white gold and platinum to warmer hues like yellow gold and rose gold.
          • Style and Setting: Consider the occasion and your style when choosing the design of your amethyst jewellery.

          Caring for your amethyst jewellery is simple:

          • Cleaning: Regularly clean your amethyst with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners.
          • Storage: Store your amethyst jewellery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, which can cause slight fading over time.

          Conclusion: Why Choose Amethyst Jewellery?

          Amethyst jewellery offers a captivating blend of beauty, symbolism, and affordability. Whether you seek a February birthstone treasure, a talisman of peace and tranquillity, or a piece to inspire your creative spirit, amethyst offers something for everyone. With its enduring allure and rich history, amethyst jewellery is a timeless investment that will add a touch of magic to any collection.



          Is Amethyst the Rarest Birthstone?

          Amethyst is not among the rarest gemstones. However, certain varieties, like exceptionally large or vivid Siberian amethysts, can be quite valuable.

          Is Amethyst a Good Engagement Ring?

          Amethyst's beauty and symbolism of love and fidelity make it a unique choice for engagement rings. However, its hardness is slightly less than a diamond, so consider your lifestyle and how you'll wear the ring.

          Amethyst Personality Traits

          Those drawn to amethyst are often believed to possess qualities like creativity, intuition, and a desire for inner peace.

          Amethyst Chakra

          Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, believed to govern spiritual connection.

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